[ANN] Rails SQL Views 0.1.0 Released

I have just published version 0.1.0 of Rails SQL Views on RubyForge.

This Gem adds support to Rails for creating and dropping SQL views in
migrations as well as modifies schema dumper to support views.
Currently it adds ANSI 92 compliant SQL for create_view and drop_view
in the abstract connection adapter. It also modifies the MySQL adapter
so it uses “SHOW TABLE STATUS” rather than “SHOW TABLE” to return
tables and views.

The Gem should appear shortly on RubyForge’s Gem repo. You can also
get everything from

The rdocs are here:

The README explains how to activate it. You can also use the
GemsOnRails plugin to link or freeze the Gem to your Rails app.

Comments and feedback welcome.

Anthony E.

Cell: 808 782-5046
Current Location: Melbourne, FL