[ANN] Rails 4.1.0.beta1 released

Hohoho, it’s Xmas time, kids!

We have a beta full of goodies for everyone who’s been nice this year.
Rails 4.1 is packed to the gills with more marvelous real-world feature
extractions, bug fixes, and the tireless polish only a community full of
Rails elves could bestow it with.

While this is just a beta release, it’s arguably a lot better tested and
ready than most of our previous beta releases. The bulk of what’s new
legit bug fixes and additional features. Less shifting of the tectonic
plates of the architecture this time around. This should hopefully mean
relatively smooth sailing for anyone on 4.0 who wish to upgrade.

In fact, we’re already running beta1 in production for Basecamp, so you
know it’s been taking a good beating. This helped us catch a couple of
performance regressions, and we’ve verified that everything is still
fast on Basecamp.

This new release also follows our new policy of targeting a minor
every six months. The idea being that the jump from minor to minor
shouldn’t try to include everything under the sun. Just whatever is
after the six month mark.

So there are already a laundry list of things lined up for 4.2, but
alright. We can target for that to land in another six months or so.

Yves and Godfrey have done such a splendid job putting together the
notes for 4.1 as a guide, so I won’t repeat them here:

But you’re definitely in for a treat.

As always, please report any issues as a bug report on Github. If all
well, we’ll try to have the final release out before the end of the

not exactly being a kid, I enjoyed your ‘carol’ even so :wink:

Congratulating the community on a(nother) new release please allow me to
flag the missing

My sincere thanks to all of you sharing your code, tricks and knowledge!

and a merry Christmas

Den 18/12/2013 kl. 01.34 skrev David Heinemeier H.
[email protected]: