[ANN] Rails 3.2.21, 4.0.12, and 4.1.8 have been released

Hello everyone!!! It’s that time again.

I would like to announce that Rails 3.2.21, 4.0.12, and 4.1.8 have been
released. These releases contain a security fix where the existence of
arbitrary files on the file system can be leaked, but the contents of
the file will not be leaked. The issue generally only impacts
people who are using Rails to serve static assets, and will generally
not impact people who use a proxy to serve static assets. This issue is
similar to CVE-2014-7818, but is slightly different. You can read more
about the issue here

For ease of upgrading, the only changes in these releases are the
security fixes.

Here are the checksums for the gems:

[aaron@TC release]$ shasum *3.2.21*
5f59bb7e463fa3a443593bdd650a258b34ae8db6  actionmailer-3.2.21.gem
1f7ffef317f7808aa3f6b3f63f292c136a827b7c  actionpack-3.2.21.gem
aaf186bc935b66e52e43a5e5c8b0af37b0444ccc  activemodel-3.2.21.gem
9e5645ea4536238a3fec7f04e6f74a22db9057ec  activerecord-3.2.21.gem
fe64a4b4d5a0680ce2b05e4fb75d325454671c5f  activeresource-3.2.21.gem
0a503dfc64a73980b18d799f9b80f02b3b1645b7  activesupport-3.2.21.gem
b757a3161412742fd9f0323ff7ab6b31212e115c  rails-3.2.21.gem
9cb5de52049319e1c837be75deaab0eba3695e42  railties-3.2.21.gem
[aaron@TC release]$ shasum *4.0.12*
c62e361241fd26a7e31ed3a9c87489bc5a86b12f  actionmailer-4.0.12.gem
f63c9d0e7a637c114b96cd864c12641e09eed373  actionpack-4.0.12.gem
2e9a64d08b9bcef0953132f1b9d4f295dfa167a4  activemodel-4.0.12.gem
d3e59b3c9a0c5fc9045783905f53e49d4d6bc1ba  activerecord-4.0.12.gem
6bf2468d9466b019d2ffaf21e44cb7a4d4ed8dde  activesupport-4.0.12.gem
d759db3bb1420c02c97852358e425b4a168198ff  rails-4.0.12.gem
729345b543653507dfea3d2e158a870d49260548  railties-4.0.12.gem
[aaron@TC release]$ shasum *4.1.8*
db4fc0a8ac77332b96947480db7ff529c18ead44  actionmailer-4.1.8.gem
24cd5ff7bcc78a2d4997ebe6bc962f09e394f59e  actionpack-4.1.8.gem
0c22174fbe03bf461aad27bf8ddebf7ae93988fa  actionview-4.1.8.gem
2b2b98b8dfd96012b443a2ddf3cbf4267c378c4d  activemodel-4.1.8.gem
f263ff5ee5a4436184390aaf825d5072c71afc4e  activerecord-4.1.8.gem
c25e858743372f197ecfdbbbc5b1dbd71934947a  activesupport-4.1.8.gem
4b96a78c669b7122f9ad905ee8f36772ac1bd8d9  rails-4.1.8.gem
cbae764aa4a635f37c7bb52c84028dc032e1afea  railties-4.1.8.gem
[aaron@TC release]$

Happy RubyConf, and have a great day!!! <3

Thanks man! :wink:

All the best!

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 5:13 PM, Aaron P.
[email protected]

Thanks Aaron :slight_smile:

Looks like some extra commits snuck in from the -stable branches though

Not sure what the best way to resolve that is, but wanted to let you