[ANN] Rails 3.2.13.rc1 has been released!

Hey everyone! I am pumped to announce that Rails 3.2.13.rc1 has been
If no regressions are found I will release 3.2.13 final in two weeks, on
13, 2013. If you find one, please Open an Issue on
so that I can fix it
the final release.

This is a bugfix release, with 287 commits. There is one big thing that
technically a fix but is sort of a feature: Ruby 2.0 support. Big thanks
Prem Sichanugrist for putting that together! Please give your
applications a
try on Ruby 2.0 and let me know how that goes.

CHANGES since 3.2.12

Action Mailer

No changes.

Action Pack

  • Determine the controller#action from only the matched path when
    using the
    shorthand syntax. Previously the complete path was used, which led
    to problems with nesting (scopes and namespaces).
    Fixes #7554.
    Backport #9361.


    # this will route to questions#new
    scope ':locale' do
      get 'questions/new'

    Yves Senn

  • Fix assert_template with render :stream => true.
    Fix #1743.
    Backport #5288.

    Sergey Nartimov

  • Eagerly populate the http method loookup cache so local project
    inflections do
    not interfere with use of underscore method ( and we don’t need
    locks )

    Aditya S.

  • BestStandardsSupport no longer duplicates X-UA-Compatible values
    each request to prevent header size from blowing up.

    Edward Anderson

  • Fixed JSON params parsing regression for non-object JSON content.

    Dylan Smith

  • Prevent unnecessary asset compilation when using
    javascript_include_tag on
    files with non-standard extensions.

    Noah Silas

  • Fixes issue where duplicate assets can be required with sprockets.

    Jeremy Jackson

  • Bump rack dependency to 1.4.3, eliminate Rack::File headers
    deprecation warning.

    Sam Ruby + Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Do not append second slash to root_url when using trailing_slash: true

    Fix #8700.
    Backport #8701.

    # before
    root_url # => http://test.host//

    # after
    root_url # => http://test.host/

    Yves Senn

  • Fix a bug in content_tag_for that prevents it for work without a


  • Clear url helper methods when routes are reloaded by removing the
    explicitly rather than just clearing the module because it didn’t
    properly and could be the source of a memory leak.

    Andrew White

  • Fix a bug in ActionDispatch::Request#raw_post that caused
    to be read but not rewound.

    Matt Venables

  • More descriptive error messages when calling render :partial with
    an invalid :layout argument.

    Fixes #8376.

    render :partial => 'partial', :layout => true
    # results in ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing partial /true

    Yves Senn

  • Accept symbols as #send_data :disposition value. [Backport
    #8329] Elia S.

  • Add i18n scope to distance_of_time_in_words. [Backport #7997]
    Steve K.

  • Fix side effect of url_for changing the :controller string
    option. [Backport #6003]

    controller = '/projects'
    url_for :controller => controller, :action => 'status'
    puts controller #=> 'projects'


    puts controller #=> '/projects'

    Nikita Beloglazov + Andrew White

  • Introduce ActionView::Template::Handlers::ERB.escape_whitelist.
    This is a list
    of mime types where template text is not html escaped by default.
    It prevents Jack & Joe
    from rendering as Jack & Joe for the whitelisted mime types.
    The default whitelist
    contains text/plain. Fix #7976 [Backport #8235]

    Joost Baaij

  • BestStandardsSupport middleware now appends it’s
    X-UA-Compatible value to app’s
    returned value if any. Fix #8086 [Backport #8093]

    Nikita Afanasenko

  • prevent double slashes in engine urls when
    Rails.application.default_url_options[:trailing_slash] = true is set
    Fix #7842

    Yves Senn

  • Fix input name when :multiple => true and :index are set.


    check_box("post", "comment_ids", { :multiple => true, :index

=> “foo” }, 1)
#=> <input name="post[foo][comment_ids]" type="hidden"
value="0" /><input id="post_foo_comment_ids_1"
name="post[foo][comment_ids]" type="checkbox" value="1" />


    check_box("post", "comment_ids", { :multiple => true, :index

=> “foo” }, 1)
#=> <input name="post[foo][comment_ids][]" type="hidden"
value="0" /><input id="post_foo_comment_ids_1"
name="post[foo][comment_ids][]" type="checkbox" value="1" />

Fix #8108

*Daniel Fox, Grant H. & Trace Wax*

Active Model

  • Specify type of singular association during serialization Steve

Active Record

  • Reverted 921a296a3390192a71abeec6d9a035cc6d1865c8, ‘Quote numeric
    compared to string columns.’ This caused several regressions.

    Steve K.

  • Fix overriding of attributes by default_scope on

    Hiroshige UMINO

  • Fix issue with overriding Active Record reader methods with a
    composed object
    and using that attribute as the scope of a uniqueness_of
    Backport #7072.

    Peter B.

  • Sqlite now preserves custom primary keys when copying or altering
    Fixes #9367.
    Backport #2312.

    Sean Scally + Yves Senn

  • Preloading has_many :through associations with conditions won’t
    cache the :through association. This will prevent invalid
    subsets to be cached.
    Fixes #8423.
    Backport #9252.


    class User
      has_many :posts
      has_many :recent_comments, -> { where('created_at > ?',

1.week.ago) }, :through => :posts

    a_user = User.includes(:recent_comments).first

    # this is preloaded

    # fetching the recent_comments through the posts association

won’t preload it.

*Yves Senn*
  • Fix handling of dirty time zone aware attributes

    Previously, when time_zone_aware_attributes were enabled, after
    changing a datetime or timestamp attribute and then changing it back
    to the original value, changed_attributes still tracked the
    attribute as changed. This caused [attribute]_changed? and
    changed? methods to return true incorrectly.


    in_time_zone 'Paris' do
      order = Order.new
      original_time = Time.local(2012, 10, 10)
      order.shipped_at = original_time
      order.changed? # => false
      # changing value
      order.shipped_at = Time.local(2013, 1, 1)
      order.changed? # => true
      # reverting to original value
      order.shipped_at = original_time
      order.changed? # => false, used to return true

    Backport of #9073
    Fixes #8898

    Lilibeth De La Cruz

  • Fix counter cache columns not updated when replacing has_many :through
    Backport #8400.
    Fix #7630.

    Matthew Robertson

  • Don’t update column_defaults when calling destructive methods on
    column with default value.
    Backport c517602.
    Fix #6115.

    Piotr Sarnacki + Aleksey Magusev + Alan Daud

  • When #count is used in conjunction with #uniq we perform
    count(:distinct => true).
    Fix #6865.


    relation.uniq.count # => SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT *)

    Yves Senn + Kaspar S.

  • Fix ActiveRecord::Relation#pluck when columns or tables are
    reserved words.
    Backport #7536.
    Fix #8968.

    Ian Lesperance + Yves Senn + Kaspar S.

  • Don’t run explain on slow queries for database adapters that don’t
    support it.
    Backport #6197.

    Blake Smith

  • Revert round usec when comparing timestamp attributes in the dirty
    Fixes #8460.

    Andrew White

  • Revert creation of through association models when using
    on a has_many :through association from an unsaved model.
    Fix #7661, #8269.

    Ernie Miller

  • Fix undefined method to_i when calling new on a scope that uses
    Array; Fix FloatDomainError when setting integer column to NaN.
    Fixes #8718, #8734, #8757.

    Jason Stirk + Tristan Harward

  • Serialized attributes can be serialized in integer columns.
    Fix #8575.

    Rafael Mendona Frana

  • Keep index names when using alter_table with sqlite3.
    Fix #3489.
    Backport #8522.

    Yves Senn

  • Recognize migrations placed in directories containing numbers and
    Fix #8492.
    Backport of #8500.

    Yves Senn

  • Add ActiveRecord::Base.cache_timestamp_format class attribute to
    the format of the timestamp value in the cache key.
    This allows users to improve the precision of the cache key.
    Fixes #8195.

    Rafael Mendona Frana

  • Add :nsec date format. This can be used to improve the precision
    of cache key.
    Please note that this format only works with Ruby 1.9, Ruby 1.8
    will ignore it completely.

    Jamie Gaskins

  • Unscope update_column(s) query to ignore default scope.

    When applying default_scope to a class with a where clause, using
    update_column(s) could generate a query that would not properly
    the record due to the where clause from the default_scope being
    to the update query.

    class User < ActiveRecord::Base
      default_scope where(active: true)
    user = User.first
    user.active = false
    user.update_column(:active, true) # => false

    In this situation we want to skip the default_scope clause and just
    update the record based on the primary key. With this change:

    user.update_column(:active, true) # => true

    Backport of #8436 fix.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Fix performance problem with primary_key method in PostgreSQL
    adapter when having many schemas.
    Uses pg_constraint table instead of pg_depend table which has many
    records in general.
    Fix #8414


  • Do not instantiate intermediate Active Record objects when eager
    These records caused after_find to run more than expected.
    Fix #3313
    Backport of #8403

    Yves Senn

  • Fix pluck to work with joins. Backport of #4942.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Fix a problem with translate_exception method in a non English
    Backport of #6397.


  • Fix dirty attribute checks for TimeZoneConversion with nil and blank
    datetime attributes. Setting a nil datetime to a blank string should
    result in a change being flagged.
    Fixes #8310.
    Backport of #8311.

    Alisdair McDiarmid

  • Prevent mass assignment to the type column of polymorphic
    associations when using build.
    Fixes #8265.
    Backport of #8291.

    Yves Senn

  • When running migrations on Postgresql, the :limit option for
    binary and text columns is
    silently dropped.
    Previously, these migrations caused sql exceptions, because
    Postgresql doesn’t support limits
    on these types.

    Victor Costan

  • #pluck can be used on a relation with select clause.
    Fixes #7551.
    Backport of #8176.


    Topic.select([:approved, :id]).order(:id).pluck(:id)

    Yves Senn

  • Use nil? instead of blank? to check whether dynamic finder with
    a bang
    should raise RecordNotFound.
    Fixes #7238.

    Nikita Afanasenko

  • Fix deleting from a HABTM join table upon destroying an object of a
    with optimistic locking enabled.
    Fixes #5332.

    Nick Rogers

  • Use query cache/uncache when using ENV[“DATABASE_URL”].
    Fixes #6951.
    Backport of #8074.


  • Do not create useless database transaction when building has_one


    User.has_one :profile

    Backport of #8154.

    Bogdan Gusiev

  • AR::Base#attributes_before_type_cast now returns unserialized
    values for serialized attributes.

    Nikita Afanasenko

  • Fix issue that raises NameError when overriding the
    accepts_nested_attributes in child classes.


    class Shared::Person < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_one :address
      accepts_nested_attributes :address, :reject_if => :all_blank
    class Person < Shared::Person
      accepts_nested_attributes :address
    #=> NameError: method `address_attributes=' not defined in 



    #=> Person(id: integer, ...)

Fixes #8131.

*Gabriel Sobrinho, Ricardo Henrique*

Active Resource

No changes.

Active Support

  • Fix DateTime comparison with DateTime::Infinity object.

    Dan K.

  • Remove surrogate unicode character encoding from
    The encoding scheme was broken for unicode characters outside the
    multilingual plane; since json is assumed to be UTF-8, and we
    already force the
    encoding to UTF-8 simply pass through the un-encoded characters.

    Brett Carter

  • Fix mocha v0.13.0 compatibility. James M.

  • #as_json isolates options when encoding a hash. [Backport #8185]
    Fix #8182

    Yves Senn

  • Handle the possible Permission Denied errors atomic.rb might trigger
    due to
    its chown and chmod calls. [Backport #8027]

    Daniele S.


No changes.

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