[ANN] Rails 3.0.7.rc2

ZOMG I’ve pushed 3.0.7.rc2 to rubygems.

Please read the announcement for 3.0.7.rc1:

Here are the changes between 3.0.7.rc1 and 3.0.7.rc2:
Comparing v3.0.7.rc1...v3.0.7.rc2 · rails/rails · GitHub

Aaron is going to release 3.0.7 final for at least 72 hours from now,
because I will be on vacations.
So I guess Monday (PDT) we will have the final release.

Again, please let us know (on the rails core mailing list) if any
changes we’ve
made between 3.0.6 and 3.0.7.rc2 break your application!