[ANN] Rails 3.0.7.rc1

I’m happy to announce that Rails 3.0.7.rc1 has been pushed to rubygems.

Release Candidate: What does it mean?

The release candidate is very similar to what we will actually release
for version 3.0.7.
The reason that we release an RC is so that the community can have a
chance to postpone or veto commits that have happened between the
previous version and the version we’re about to release.

We are asking you (yes you!) to try out the release candidate. If
something that changed between 3.0.6 and this release candidate breaks
your application, we want to know about it!

How do I try it out?

Simply update your Gemfile to point at the rails version “3.0.7.rc1”,
then bundle install.

Where can I see a list of Changes?

Either look at the CHANGELOG in each particular project on
github, or check out
the handy compare

Again, per project changelogs:


or compare view:

Something is broken, what should I do?

Email the rails core mailing

at let us know about the problem! We will discuss the problem and how to
it before the final version is pushed.

When will the final version be released?

Unless there are problems found in the RC, we will release the final
no less than 72 hours from now.

If there are problems found in the RC, we will release another RC and
give the
community another chance to test before releasing.

In closing

Remember, this is your chance to veto / postpone our release.
Please take advantage of this opportunity! We do not want to break
people’s applications.
The best we can do is ask for help!

Thanks to everyone.