[ANN] Radiant CMS Sprint weekend

I’m excited to announce the Radiant CMS Sprint Weekend.

A day to weekend-long hackfest to help finish some features for the
0.7 release of Radiant CMS. The official goals are – refactoring the
admin controllers toward REST, implementing a new UI, adding blogging
features, improving the extension registry, and writing more

Saturday, October 25, 2008, 8:00AM-6:00PM (official hours at the
venue – unofficially all weekend)

Carrboro Creative Co-working
205 Lloyd St, Suite 101
Carrboro, NC 27510 USA
map: http://rubyurl.com/imUx
url: http://carrborocoworking.com

Members of the Radiant dev team and community - hopefully you!

THIS IS NOT A CONFERENCE! The focus is on hacking out a lot of
code/design/documentation in a short amount of time. We encourage
anyone who can contribute their code, web design, or writing skills to
attend. If you’ll be coding, we expect a workable knowledge of Rails,
RSpec, and Git – bonus points if you’ve worked on Radiant before, built
extensions, or have experience with RESTful controller design and
web-services. If you’ll be doing design, we expect a workable knowledge
of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and image manipulation – bonus points if you
know Haml, Sass, Prototype, Scriptaculous, and LowPro. If you want to
do documentation, we expect you to be able to write clearly and use the
Radiant wiki – bonus points if you write clean HTML.

All work and no play makes a dull Rubyist, so rest assured that we’ll
have some free-time to relax, see the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill sights,
eat, drink, and be merry.

If you plan to attend, please fill out this form so we know you’re
coming: http://rubyurl.com/tAl2

If you will be traveling to North Carolina from out-of-state or need
assistance making travel plans, please feel free to contact me

On behalf of John L. and the rest of the dev team, I sincerely hope
you can make it!


Sean C.
Lead Developer, Radiant CMS

P.S. If you are a business or individual interested in sponsoring some
food, drink or swag for the attendees, please contact me privately.

P.P.S. My apologies to those who expressed interest in attending in the
Northeast USA and those from outside the USA - since the scope of this
weekend is small, it was easiest to host it close to home. Watch the
mailing lists for information about a more formal conference-like
gathering soon.

On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 13:29 -0400, Sean C. wrote:

I’m excited to announce the Radiant CMS Sprint Weekend.

I cannot wait to see the fruits of your labor, especially the blogging
additions and the new UI. Good luck with it.


I wish flying to the states from the Netherlands was like taking a bus
Then I would be there al right…
Good luck guys… great initiative.


On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 7:58 PM, [email protected]
[email protected]wrote:

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met vriendelijke groet,

Peter B.

I’m not planning to travel there but I’d like to work on some design
elements. Let me know what you have on your list as far as designing
and marking up goes.