[ANN] Radiant 0.6.5 Release Candidate 2

Thanks to “Radiant Day”, we’re ready for another release candidate.
Full details here:


Be Radiant!


Sean C. wrote:

Thanks to “Radiant Day”, we’re ready for another release candidate.

Great work guys! I haven’t had the opportunity to test out the 0.6.5 RCs
yet, but I was curious as to whether Radiant sites are seeing a speed
boost due to the switch to Rails 2.0.2. Not that Radiant is slow, but
I’ve seen serious speed boosts in my own Rails apps so I figured I’d

  • Dave

On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 9:13 PM, Sean C. [email protected]

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It looks like there are some unresolved tickets in Trac that are
assigned to
0.6.5. What is the plan for getting these resolved? Should users /
give +1 in comments?

I’m glad to hear Radiant Day was successful!


I do intend to address most of these before release. Some will probably
be deferred to 0.6.6 or later. The sqlite3 issue needs to be resolved
not by anything in Radiant, but a matrix of compatibility and
incompatibility between various platforms and versions of sqlite3 and
the Ruby library. If someone could start that on the wiki, that would
be great!


The sqlite3 issue has been updated -

I will make a start on a matrix with my experiences in OS X (and Linux).


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