[ANN] Princely - Prince XML PDF Wrapper Plugin

Recently I was implementing PDF generation for a project utilizing the
fantastic library Prince XML (http://www.princexml.com). I came across
a blog article with a basic library and helper set for Prince (http://
rails), which provided a great basis. I wanted to make something a
little more generalized and in-keeping the Rails Way, so I have
created ‘Princely’, a simple wrapper utilizing much of the code from
the SubImage library but giving it better helpers and pluginizing its

== Installation ==

The first step is to download Prince (http://princexml.com/download/)
and install it on your platform of choice (only Linux and Mac OS X
supported by the plugin at this time). Next, simply install the

script/install plugin http://svn.intridea.com/svn/public/princely

You are now ready to get started using Princely to generate PDF. Note
that Princely is only compatible with Rails >= 2.0

== Usage ==

Princely uses the MimeTypes and respond_to blocks from Rails 2.0 to
add PDF as a render option and a format. Because of this, it’s
incredibly easy to implement a PDF! Simply make your XHTML or XML
template and use pdf as the format (e.g. show.pdf.erb), then add code
similar to this in your controller:

class PagesController < ApplicationController
def show
respond_to do |format|
format.pdf {
render :pdf => @page.pdf_name,
:template => “show.pdf.erb”, # not required, shown for
:layout => false # not required

And that’s all there is to it! If you add a .pdf to your properly
routed path, you should be presented with a PDF version of the page
generated by Prince. The README (http://svn.intridea.com/svn/public/
princely/README) has more detailed usage information.

There is a Trac (http://trac.intridea.com/trac/public/) available for
any bugs or patches you might come across. Additionally you can
comment on this at the original blog post (http://www.intridea.com/

Just as an update for those interested, the path supplied for the plugin
is no longer valid. Its been moved from a svn repository to git and is
available at the following location:


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