[ANN] Personalise Site - Now implicitly gains geo data

The second version of the Personalise Site plugin has just been released
and now includes methods to implicitly gain a users geo data.

These additions are intended to be used to further customise and improve
a users browsing experience.

For example you may want to display content on a homepage that is
relevant to a users location or you may want to automatically select the
right country in a registration form to improve the signup experience.

This can be achieved in your views by making use of these methods:

Returns which country the user is in
<%= which_country %>

Returns which city the user is in
<%= which_city %>

The users geographical coordinates
longitude: <%= longitude_coordinate %>
latitude: <%= latitude_coordinate %>

Homepage: http://www.railslodge.com/plugins/303-personalise-site
SVN: http://svn.railslodge.com/svn/plugins/personalise_site/

As usual, if anyone has any suggestions on how to further improve this
plugin, please send your comments over.