[ANN] PageMeta Extension

Here’s a new extension to store the keyword and description meta-tag
values for pages (they show up in the expandable, meta-extended section
of the edit-page form). I think that there used to be something like
this once upon a time but I haven’t seen it in a while and needed one.
And of course this one works with the latest versions of Radiant and
Sean’s Shards Extension.

And of course you need a way to render these things in your
page/snippet/layout so this extension creates a <r:meta /> tag to render
the values for the current page. So if meta_keywords = “keyword1,
keyword2, keyword3” in your page then…

<r:meta name=“keywords” /> produces…
“keyword1, keyword2, keyword3”

<r:meta name=“keywords” as_tag=“true” /> produces…

There’s also an <r:meta as_tag=“unless_blank” /> option to avoid
rendering the whole tag if the field’s contents are blank.

Check it out here:

Let me know if you have any questions…

-Chris P.

Made some updates over the weekend. It doesn’t need Shards now
(actually didn’t really before) so this should work for older versions
of Radiant too (as long as the PageController and page/edit.rhtml work
with the @meta array which I think goes back pretty far).

Here’s the latest svn version:


It goes back to 0.6.0 so you should be safe ;).