[ANN] Oughtve 0.8.0



  • Shotgun: $105.95.

  • Beat-up Olds: $2000.

  • Chemistry 101: $36.

  • Remembering “niktu”: Priceless.


Oughtve is a very simple command-line- and directory-based
notation tool, always at your fingertips to avoid the few
seconds/minutes/aeons that invariably cause you to lose the
thought you had.

Yeah. It lets you make notes. And read them later.


Because you will forget.


  • Notes are grouped based on the working directory they are
    written from. You might, for example, define a group for
    each of your coding projects’ top directories: any notes
    you write in or under those directories will be grouped

  • Notes can be “struck out” or closed so that they do not
    appear in the default listings (e.g. to emulate simple todo

  • Sets of notes in a group can be enclosed as a “chapter”, or
    a completed section. For example, one might close a section
    once all items for the 0.3.0 release have been completed.
    This starts a new section and removes the old one from the
    default views.

  • The directory grouping always looks progressively higher in
    the hierarchy until it finds a defined group, all the way up
    to the default group bound at / if it comes across none on
    the way.

  • The normal directory lookup and various other things can be
    overridden with option switches. Sometimes you want to write
    a note in a specific group from somewhere else in the system:
    just specify the group name.

  • A group’s notes can be exported to JSON or YAML (rudimentary.)


An extremely curt introduction is found in doc/HOWTO.using.

I like to rename my script to “–”, so that I can use the
following to enter a note:

$ -- Remember to actually write the HOWTO.



  • dm-core
  • data_objects
  • do_sqlite3


  • UNIXy system.


Experimental rewrite of an age-old workhorse of mine. The
intent of this release is to figure out if anyone else
finds this useful. It is not feature-complete, nor
presumably bug-free.

Please break it. ‘Some’ robustness is needed.


Only at Github. Instead of
using Git, if you prefer, you may use the download link to
get yourself a tarball of the source.

Who Do I Complain To?

  • oughtve MEOW projects purr kittensoft rawr org.
  • IRC channel #oughtve on Freenode (“rue”, in case I
    am not the only other person on the channel.)