[ANN] os gem 0.9.1 more of the same!

Hello all.
Thanks to some help from mattscilipoti I am pleased to announce another
iteration release of the “OS” gem.

The OS gem provides such useful things as “OS.jruby? => true” “OS.bits
=> 64”

Notable additions:

puts OS.report
==> # a yaml report of helpful values

arch: x86_64-darwin10.6.0
target_os: darwin10.6.0
target_vendor: apple
target_cpu: x86_64
target: x86_64-apple-darwin10.6.0
host_os: darwin10.6.0
host_vendor: apple
host_cpu: i386
host: i386-apple-darwin10.6.0
RUBY_PLATFORM: x86_64-darwin10.6.0

=> “NUL” # or “/dev/null” depending on which platform

=> 2



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