[ANN] Operation Lambda 1.0 alpha


Operation Lambda

Announcing Operation Lambda: a remake of the classic game by
Bret Victor. Make your way through a distressed spaceship, rescuing
hostages and deflecting lasers in 100 levels!

The remake implements the original (IIgs only) game entirely in Ruby, so
anyone can play! It also adds a level editor, swappable tile-sets, and

Where do I get it?

Operation Lambda is hosted on in my BitBucket repository. It is
as a Windows exe and an OS X app as well!

What do I need?

If you download the pre-packaged application, you don’t need anything
than what’s in the zip/dmg. If you’re running it from source, you’ll

Anything I should know?

Operation Lambda is alpha-quality software! That means it’ll probably
sometimes, or just not do what you’d expect. Please, by all means, let
know if you encounter any problems.

Some machines have exhibited very poor performance, while others do
fine. I
don’t know why yet! But, I’m investigating.

You can see the README and the in-game help for full details.

Who’s responsible for this?

The original Operation Lambda, and all it’s graphics, sounds and level
are copyright 1996, Bret Victor, and are used with permission. All the
and additional design in this remake are copyright 2009 Adam G…
the included COPYRIGHT file for full details.

What are the terms?

Operation Lambda is released under the terms of the Artistic License
2.0. See
the included LICENSE file for full details.