[ANN] New release of Cerberus CI tool

Hello, friends.

I am glad to announce 0.2.4 release of Cerberus CI tool.

What is Cerberus?
Cerberus is a Continuous Builder software. Cerberus could be
periodically run from any scheduler and check if application tests were
broken. If it happened then Cerberus would send notification to

There are several CI solutions already present, why do you need to use
Main advantages of Cerberus over other solutions are:

  1. Cerberus could be run on any machine not only where SVN repository
  2. Cerberus works not only for Rails projects, but for any other Ruby
    projects as well as for other platforms (Maven2 for Java)
  3. Cerberus is a multiplatform solution: it runs excellent both on
    *nix and Windows.
  4. Cerberus distributed via RubyGems, so it is very easy to install
    and very easy to update to the latest stable version. Just do ‘gem
    install cerberus’
  5. Cerberus very easy to start using. Just type ‘cerberus add
  6. Cerberus is lightweight solution: most of the time ruby process even
    not runs - Rake run only in case if changes in project sources were

What’s new in this release?
Version 0.2.4 is a next step in adding new features and making Cerberus
robust and highly stable solution.

Main improvements are:

  • RSS publisher greatly improved.
  • Added Rant support (http://make.rubyforge.org/). Amount of code for
    this builder eloquently shows how easy to extend Cerberus for new
    modules. Thanks to Xavier S. for this improvement.
    (If you have ideas or patches with new publishers, builders please send
    it to project maillist)
  • Added TLS hack for ActionMailer
    Now Cerberus able to send mails to Gmail SMTP server without any
  • Added multithread build for ‘buildall’ command. Now build goes in
    several threads and finishes much faster.
  • Added --force option that would be helpful if you want to rerun
    project tests even if there were no changes in VSC.
    Use ‘cerberus build --force my_project’
  • Created web-site for Cerberus project. http://cerberus.rubyforge.org/
  • From now all builds save log of their build. It is possible to switch
    off by setting in configuration :log/:enable => false in configuration
    file * Added Maven2 support. Yes, yes you could also use Cerberus for
    your Java projects. (See example of Cerberus work at