[ANN] New Radiant site(s)


Here’s the moment you have all been waiting for (or at least I’d like to
think)! For the past four to five months I have been working with the
wonderful team at Digital Pulp to develop the new website for Redken.
We are proud to say that it has had its official launch this morning!
Check it out:

It has been an incredible experience working with them, and the Radiant
community has greatly benefited. We have released two new versions of
Radiant and numerous extensions during this tenure. The following
extensions were a direct result of my work for Digital Pulp:

I also intend to release a some more over the next weeks, after they
have been cleaned up for public consumption, namely:

  • file_system - Save/load Radiant models to/from the file system so they
    can be managed in an SCM
  • templates - Structure pages externally and provide a customized
    interface for editing
  • asset_manager - A full-featured asset manager, with mass upload, asset
    expiration, usage reports, and FCKEditor integration

A big thank you and congratulations to all of the team at Digital Pulp
(in no particular order) – John, Justin, Josh, Michael, Alex, Brian,
Sarah, David; and to my good friend Scotty Moon who also helped on the



Nice work!

Thanks for releasing your extensions. Can’t wait to see the new ones.

Looks very good Sean! Congrats.!

On Feb 4, 2008 8:17 PM, Jim G. [email protected] wrote:

wonderful team at Digital Pulp to develop the new website for Redken.
extensions were a direct result of my work for Digital Pulp:

met vriendelijke groet,

Peter B.

Sorry I didn’t explain that! Only the US site(s) are hosted with
Radiant. All of the international sites were untouched by this project.


Congratulations Sean. Nice work and great contribution back to the


Hi Sean,

Does the FCKEditor integration comment indicate that you have a working
FCKEditor extension for page editing? I have been trying get fckeditor
working for page editing but the results have been a bit inconsistent.



Yes, we have an FCKeditor extension, but it’s so customized, I’m not
sure how well it will translate to the outside world. Correct me if I’m
wrong, but there is an existing FCK extension. I wrote one from
scratch, with just a few ideas from an existing WYSIWYG extension (being
able to toggle the control on and off).

Normally I don’t recommend a WYSIWYG editor for Radiant because of the
potential smattering of Radius tags that would not be understood by the
editor. We got by with this in two ways:

  1. Most pages used a template (one of the mentioned extensions) that hid
    the majority of the Radius code.

  2. For the tags that HAD to be in the editable content areas, we made
    sure they could operate as singletons (they automatically render a
    snippet) and used FCK to generate placeholders inside them. I believe
    we had only two kinds of these.

Redken is also a very graphic-intensive site, so most pages consisted of
several graphics in a row without text. So FCK was mostly used to
preview the inserted images.


This is awesome, what a benefit to all of us. Thanks!
I’m really looking forward to the templates and asset_manager.

Now on the flip side… can’t you tell someone over there that in
Canada we don’t have zip codes? It’s confusing - when I see ‘zip
code’, most of the time it means I have to find the ‘Canada’ selector
or Canadian addresses aren’t allowed on that form. On this site, I pre-
selected my country, so I should expect not to have to see the dreaded
‘zip code’ field.

e.g. http://www.redken.ca/_en/_ca/salon/index.aspx?


Thanks for the help.

Yep, there is a fck extension which I only used briefly as I had some
issues with it (I can’t recall what didn’t work/fit for me). Since then
I have been using the fck plugin at
http://rubyforge.org/projects/fckeditorp/ with a radiant extension which
replaces the textarea if the filter type is “RichText”. With fck setup
to ignore radiant tags, this was working fine, until uploading documents
broke. I just can’t figure out why uploading is no longer working.

If you can share your fck extension I would grateful. It may help me
work out what has gone wrong for me.

Also, is it possible to install a rails plugin within a radiant


Hey Sean,

Any word on that Asset Manager? I’d love see your approach to it (aside
from page_attachments)


I will attack it on Radiant Day (this Friday, April 18). There’s
another DP extension that got mentioned in the podcast that I should
release, too.


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