[ANN] New plugin - Text Formatter

TextFormatter plugin allows you filter user input, use the syntax gem,
before it is saved to the database.

If anyone has any suggestions or constructive feedback on these new
plugins, please send them over.


Install the plugin:

ruby script\plugin install

Install the following gems:

gem install htmltokenizer
gem install syntax
gem install hpricot

If you are using the syntax highlighting method, copy the css from
/vender/plugins/text_formatter/stylesheets/text_formatter.css into your
css file.

The following methods can be used in your models:

===Remove HTML Tags
Remove all html tags from the given fields

tf_remove_html_tags :fieldname
#e.g. tf_remove_html_tags :title, :post

===Escape HTML Characters
Escape all tags and special characters

tf_escape_html_characters :fieldname
#e.g. tf_escape_all_html_characters :title, :post

===Escape Only Text Characters
Escape all text except html tags

tf_escape_text_characters :fieldname
#e.g. tf_escape_text_characters :title, :post

===Syntax Highlighting
Add syntax highlighting to all text within pre tags

tf_syntax_highlighting :fieldname
#e.g. tf_syntax_highlighting :title, :post

===Simple Text Markup
Apply SimpleTextMarkup

tf_simple_text_markup :fieldname
#e.g. tf_simple_text_markup :title, :post

===Content Formatter
Remove all html tags, SimpleTextMarkup, encode tags within html tags,
syntax highlighting

tf_content_formatter :fieldname
#e.g. tf_content_formatter :title, :post

===Basic Formatter
Remove all html tags, SimpleTextMarkup, encode tags within html tags

tf_basic_formatter :fieldname
#e.g. tf_basic_formatter :title, :post

I like it. thanks very much.

On Sep 10, 7:00 pm, Scott A S [email protected]

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