ANN: new plugin - SCGI page caching


Hey Folks.

I’ve just released a plugin which may be of interest to those of you
running scgi_rails[1] on Apache2/Linux (not tested with lighty or on
other Apache platforms).

If you’re using scgi_rails with a SCGIMount of ‘/’ you don’t get the
benefit of page caching. Typo is one app that really benefits from the
page caches and this plugin was written with my Typo instance in mind.

Please note that this plugin is a cruel hack. A better solution may be
to have scgi_rails can do this work directly (just sending off an email
to Zed S. about that now).

Anyhow, the svn repo for the plugin is:

Typo users take note: the last stable build of typo I downloaded was
not using the new rails boot code so plugins weren’t getting loaded.
In the README file you’ll find instructions on what to put in your
environment.rb to make the plugin work.



Trevor S.