[ANN] Mysqlplus, a new thread aware MySQL driver for Ruby

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new MySQL driver.
Mysqlplus. The driver builds on the original MySQL C extension but adds
two important features

1 - Asynchronous command processing support
2 - Threaded access support (a nice side effect of feature #1)

The driver was being developed as part of the NeverBlock library but it
was spun off to live on its own so all Ruby (and Rails) developers can
try it out

Hopefully we will be able to integrate this with the original driver to
prevent fragmentation. For now you can install it from githb

The /test folder includes usage examples for threaded and evented

Ruby applications need not block on MySQL anymore. Threads can be
scheduled while a MySQL connection is waiting for a response from the

Read the announcement here


Muhammad A. Ali