[ANN] multi_site extension

This email is to announce the release of the multi_site extension,
available from the Radiant repository:


multi_site is a solution for hosting sites with multiple domain names on
a single Radiant installation and is in use on an upcoming production
site. Rather than having sub-trees which represent individual sites
with the configuration in the root page (a la virtual_site), each site
has its own tree with a single root page.

multi_site requires the shards extension and the trunk version of
Radiant (use rake radiant:freeze:edge).



P.S. I will be filling out the README more fully later, sorry about

Haven’t had a chance to try the extension out yet, but it would sure
come in handy. I do have a few questions.

Can you add users to a specific multi-site? And if so, are the secure
measures in place that disallow users from editing sites they’re not
added to?

Not currently, but it shouldn’t be very hard to do.