[ANN] Motiro 0.6.2 released

Motiro is a very simple project tracking system. It is written in Ruby
using Rails
and supports tracking Subversion and Darcs repositories using a common
page and RSS feeds. There is also a built-in wiki, based on the
language (the same one behind the infamous Wikipedia), that can be used
host system docs, an active user list and pretty much anything that
one can think
of. The same markup language is used to suggest changes, report bugs and
make comments.

Version 0.6.2 is the fourteenth one and the project has been around for
than a year now. Now it is possible to create links more easily on the
wiki pages,
there is some support for password protected Subversion repositories
(thanks to
Walter Cruz) and some defects were fixed with RSS feeds. Besides that,
it is
much faster.

The place to go is http://www.motiro.org

Do not forget to have fun,

Thiago A.