[ANN] Mongrel -- 1000 Paper Cuts Release


This release of Mongrel is coming at you with lots of very little but
important features and fixes. The big highlights are:

*  Initial beginning of the plugin support that will let people 

their own handlers and other things for Mongrel.
* Timeout now works again but couldn¹t find an alternative to the
Timeout class.
* SwitchTower friendly signal handling for mongrel_rails.
* Win32: New option that lets you set a mongrel service¹s CPU
* Win32: Indicates default environment used for the services.
* Win32: Avoids touching signals when on windows.
* A fix for CGI encoding redirects wrong when SERVER_PORT isn¹t
* Supports Rails page caching so that you can get reasonable speed
without running a regular web server.
* Tested on: Linux, Win32, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OSX.

There’s a few small additional things mostly related to documentation
will be rolled up into the 0.3.8 release sometime soon.

== What’s Mongrel?

Mongrel is a fast HTTP library and server for Ruby that is intended for
hosting Ruby web applications of any kind using plain HTTP rather than
FastCGI or SCGI. It is framework agnostic and already supports Ruby On
Rails, Og+Nitro, and Camping frameworks.

== Getting Mongrel

You should read the News at http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/news.html for
complete information on getting this release and what it has.

For the lazy ones you can just do:

$ gem update

And for the next to lazy ones you can do:

$ gem install mongrel

People on win32 you pick the one that says Win32.

== Documentation

There’s a lot more documentation now with more to come. There’s
specifically a document on setting up lighttpd+Mongrel using
mod_proxy and CML power-magnet thanks to Bradley K. Taylor.

The configuration described in that last document is sort of running at
http://zedapp.railsmachine.net/ and I’ll be updating the docs as I fine
that installation.

== Special Thanks

Gotta thank Luis again for getting in that CPU affinity stuff for Win32
keeping the win32 stuff working. Also thanks to Bradley Taylor at
http://www.railsmachine.net/ for giving me a few little VPS servers to
with. Check their video out. It’s pretty hot. Finally keep sending in
bug reports and testing things out for me.


Zed A. Shaw


Hi zed,

I just want to thank you and congratulate you for your job. I have just
set up mongrel on my win32 box (very easy and very fast) and it works
like a charm. I use it for development and comparing to my previous CGI
configuration, it is much faster … I m enjoying it a lot !!!