[ANN] Mongrel Pre-Release -- PID Files Working

Hi Folks,

An update to tell everyone to try out the pre-release again:

sudo gem install mongrel

Nothing available for win32 yet, the next pre-release will have a win32
build to check that windows folks are OK.

This release fixes the following problems:

  • PID files weren’t being written when configured. Works now and logs
    messages better.
  • Small change to the HTTP parser to allow for headers that don’t have a
    space after the “:” character, which is allowed by the RFC.
    – Everyone using McAfee Security Center should contact them and tell
    them their product is a piece of crap. You should also consider not
    using it since they seem to be modifying people’s HTTP requests in bogus
    ways and telling you that this is a “security” feature.

This release is pretty close to becoming official. Everyone needs to
test it out and shoot me any final problems. The current outstanding
problems I have are:

55.BUG: test tom brice’s upload app with keepalive
56.BUG: safari ganks on the deflate filter
57.BUG: look at Ben Moore’s bug on ECONNABORTED
59.BUG: content-type not getting set

If the folks mentioned could check this release against their problems
then that will help quite a bit.


Zed A. Shaw

http://www.railsmachine.com/ – Need Mongrel support?