[ANN] Mongrel Needs Debuggers

Hi Everyone,

I have a small pre-release for Mongrel that will eventually be the release, but it needs some quick testing before I make it
official. There’s a bug for only some folks and I need to find out
what’s causing it.

The bug is that the object_id method gets the signature:

def object_id(param)

Which is incredibly evil. Normally this does nothing to Mongrel, but
when people turn on the debug logging (-B option) it causes problems.


All you need to do is install Mongrel in a safe place (like not
production) using:

gem install mongrel --source=http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases/

And run your rails application with the -B option:

mongrel_rails start -B

Run any Selenium/Watir tests or other ways to touch key parts of the
app, and then send me any “TELL ZED” messages printed out.


Otherwise, the only change was Mongrel will now print out the “access
log” when you run it in the console. Let me know if people like or hate

Zed A. Shaw

http://www.railsmachine.com/ – Need Mongrel support?

Nothing in my first round of tests. Would the message be in the
objects.log? I did a grep on all my log files and found nothing. I
will leave it
running and see if anything shows up.


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