[ANN] mongo_translatable gem, a Ruby on Rails engine for MongoDB backed model translations, is out

Hi everyone,

We’ve been using this for awhile as a part of a feature in Kete (an
open source Rails app, http://kete.net.nz) for a content translation
add-on for awhile now. Thought it was about time to share.

From the README:

Rails specific I18n model localization meant to tie-in to existing
ActiveRecord models, ala Globalize2, backed by MongoDB rather than an
RDBMS. May include UI elements, too.

On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Walter McGinnis
[email protected] wrote:

RDBMS. May include UI elements, too.

Gah. Sent before finishing the email!

That’s almost everything you need to know, except how to get it:

gem install mongo_translatable # install mongodb and mongo_mapper first

Project information can be found on github:

Thanks to Te Reo o Taranaki, the Chinese Association of New Zealand
Auckland Branch, and Auckland City Libraries for funding the work.

Walter McGinnis
Kete Project Lead
Katipo Communications, Ltd. (http://katipo.co.nz)