[ANN] Milwaukee RUG Meeting - This Wednesday 3/14/07 @ 5:30-


coding, building, testing,
coding, building, testing,
coding, building, testing …

Coding … that’s up to you;
but building and testing??
now that’s a job for an automated system.

They call it Continuous Integration.

  • Java projects do it,
  • .NET projects do it,
  • Ruby projects?? Rails projects?? How do they do it?

This week at the mkerb meeting …

**** cruisecontrol.rb ****

presented live via Tom J.

  • learn the benefits of continuous integration
  • learn how to put your Rails projects under it
  • get semi-expert help in setting up your project

See you @ the meeting.

Continuous Integration for Rails by Tom J.
Leveraging CruiseControl for Continuous Integration

– Tom.

“Nothing will ever be attempted, if all
possible objections must first be
overcome.” - Samuel Johnson

“Luck is what happens when
preparation meets opportunity.” - Seneca