[ANN] MasterView rails-optimize (x)html friendly template en

MasterView is a rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine plugin
provides another option to the existing rails view templates (rhtml and
rxml). The main idea is to provide a template engine that would provide
the power of layouts, partials, and rails helpers but still be
editable/styleable in a WYSIWYG editor. It was also a major goal that
syntax of these attribute directives be very similar to rails helpers so
that one could intuitively start using MasterView with little learning
other than knowing rails. MasterView was inspired by Amrita, Kwartz,
Tapestry, Zope/PHP TAL, Liquid, and Web Objects but designed with a
approach and specifically targetted for rails users.

Release Notes

Release 0.2.4

Fixed apache2 scgi problem where masterview was not being loaded at
Added Interactive template console to admin pages for testing/learning
masterview directives work.

Release 0.2.3

Changed default development settings for enable_admin_pages and
enable_view_rhtml = true (false in production) to make it easy
for new users to get up and running. Added check_box, radio_button,
select, collection_select directives. Refactor attr_value parsing
to be more robust taking into account nested objects. Internal rework
of directive handling to support alternate namespaces for directives.
Std app directives dir at rails app/masterview/directives will be
automatically added to MasterView load path if exists.

Release 0.2.2

Fixes problem when rails encounters exception in either compiling or
involving RuntimeError in the generated rhtml. The rails TemplateError
class looks at the file system for the template contents. So when
generate_rhtml is false (no file is generated) rails was not able to
find source and was not outputting an error page. Rails TemplateError
class was extended to look at MasterView store first and then fallback
to file system.

More details, screenshots, and video at http://masterview.org/

I inadvertantly did a gem update or something which installed 0.2.4.
Now, I can’t get the Admin console to work. WEBrick shows 0.2.4 for
the plugin.

The error I get when I go to http://localhost:3000/myapp/masterview is:
Routing Error
Recognition failed for “/masterview”

Can anyone help?

Is there a way to backout to the previous release? Will just
uninstalling the gem work?



Are you sure that you didn’t mean to go to
rather than
http://localhost:3000/myapp/masterview ??

The admin console is normally at http://localhost:3000/masterview

The other obvious thing to check is whether your
config/masterview/setting.rb or
config/masterview/environments/development.rb has enable_admin_pages
set to true.

However if that is not the obvious solution then, the answer to your
question is yes, that you can uninstall the latest gem if necessary.
It is also possible to reference a specific gem by version in the
require (using require_gem) however unininstalling the latest gem is

I will be glad to work with you further if you find that indeed this
is bug and not simply a URL typo.

PS. Rather than take up the rails mailing list bandwidth, we can
discuss this further on the masterview-users list (and everything will
be archived for future reference).