[ANN] Mailer extension

I’ve teased you long enough! The Mailer extension has been added to the
Radiant repository. You can find it at:


The code has only been slightly modified from what is on our live site,
kckcc.edu, mainly to bring it in line with the latest revision of
Feel free to send questions about how to get it working to the list,
answer as best I can.


Sean C.

Nice! We’ll try it out.

Are you going to do the same with event calendar and LDAP stuff you

I’ll definitely release the LDAP. The event calendar is okay, but I’m
not especially proud of it. It works fine, it’s just that the UI
sucks. I’d be happy to accept patches for any of them, of course. Now
I just need to get my TxD SVN working again.


Can you give a brief explanation on how to install this?
Is there a rake task to install all the files in the necessary places?
BJ Clark

I checked out the mailer code and it worked great for me.

The part that tripped me up was editing the environment.rb file as
mentioned here:

I’ve got some LDAP authentication stuff I wrote for Radiant (and
Retrospectiva) that I’d be happy to contribute code from. And making
the UI not suck :slight_smile:

Love to see that one get released! Should do the same with mine,
really, but it too needs spit & polish


Yes, here we go.

There are a couple ways of doing this, depending on how comfortable you
are with SVN. My favorite way is to do

svn propedit svn:externals vendor/extensions

Make sure you have an EDITOR environment variable set (like vi or pico
or whatever). Then save this line to the property:


After you’ve saved that property, run svn update and it will download
the latest code.

Other ways include using svn export to dump the files directly to
vendor/extensions/mailer. If you want to use the Javascript
email-encryption stuff make sure to copy email.js to your
public/javascripts directory. The only other thing to change, which
is very instance-specific, is the general ActionMailer delivery
settings, which are described here:
ActionMailer::Base . The two
you’ll want to manipulate are server_settings and delivery_method.