[ANN] Mail 2.2.6 Released

So after an intense day of bug squashing, I am pleased to announce Mail

Mail 2.2.6 is a bug fix release mainly, all users of the 2.2 series
should definitely update.

Changes include:

  • Fixed parsing an email with an empty In-Reply-To header (Reported by
    Eugene Pimenov)
  • Adding address spec for [email protected] format emails
  • Added new way to do versioning for gemspec
  • Added additional specs for Content-Disposition: inline which are not
    being encoded correctly - Shawn P.
  • Make sure Mail::Message#attachment? returns true/false - Simone
  • Replace hard-coded references to Mail with more generic self
    references to allow easier inheritance (closes #61) - Simone C.
  • Force encoding on Regexp for Ruby 1.9 to avoid encoding conflicts -
    Golubev Pavel
  • Added lazy evaluation to message body: body is not parsed until need.
    It greatly improves performance with big mails if you don’t need to read
    the body (yet)
  • Added Mail.read_from_string as an explicit method (mcansky)
  • Fixed bounce detection for multipart reports that contain a human
    readable report status part
  • Closed Issue #65 found (incredibly) by quetz - major Kudos for bug
  • Fixed missing trailing CRLF in content type field - Closes issue #57 -
    Kudos to Henry Flower for finding it
  • Closed issue #58 - Content Type not parsing unless lower case.

Please report any issues at Issues · mikel/mail · GitHub

Patches and contributions are welcome.

Mikel L.