[ANN] Lone Star Rubyconf 2007 - Registration Re-Opened!


As you may know, Lone Star Rubyconf 2007 had closed
registration a few days ago due to sales exceeding

Since then, the emails have not stopped for us to find a
way to accept more registrants to the conference.

With this encouragement, the LSRC committee has put on
their thinking caps, altered a few laws of physics, and increased the
conference capacity by an additional 48 seats, while still
providing for a comfortable conference atmosphere.

With this change, the early registration deadline is
extended from Aug 10 to Aug 15. Rates will increase Aug 16
from $200 to $300.

Please take this opportunity to register now, before these
final seats are gone.

– News since last announcement

  • Hal F. has been added as a guest speaker. Hal is the
    noted author of “The Ruby Way”. http://rubyhacker.com
  • Sun is sponsoring Friday night dinner! This means that attendees
    are only responsible for Saturday dinner. All other meals are
    part of your conference ticket during the two-day event.
  • We are providing the three required creature comforts:
    electrical power for your laptop, wireless access, and
    caffeine in the form of assorted beverages.

Also, LSRC is still accepting sponsorship opportunities. And, we have
a special
opportunity for companies looking to hire Ruby and Rails developers.
For more
information, contact: dbii at interaction dot net

I look forward to seeing you at Lone Star Rubyconf 2007!

Jim F.
Lone Star Rubyconf 2007 Organizer