[ANN] logmerge including ip2name for fast log DNS lookups

Another tool from The Robot Co-op, logmerge!

= Install

$ sudo gem install logmerge

= About
Logmerge contains two utilities logmerge and ip2name. logmerge merges
Apache access logs into one log ordered by date. ip2name performs DNS
lookups on Apache access logs using multiple threads and Ruby?s DNS
resolver library to speed through log files.

== Using logmerge
Simply pass in all the logs you want to merge on the command line.
logmerge gives you the merged log on STDOUT.

logmerge hal/access.log nestor/access.log herbie/access.log >
Note that logmerge expects the input log files to be ordered by date.

== Using ip2name
Simply pass in the log files you want to perform DNS lookups on the
command line or via STDIN. ip2name gives you the looked-up log lines

ip2name < merged.log > resolved.log

ip2name merged.log > resolved.log
In order to speed DNS lookups, ip2name creates a .name_cache file in
the current directory. ip2name uses double the DNS record TTL value
so rapidly-changing names may not be correctly resolved.

= Read More


= Rubyforge


Eric H. - [email protected] - http://segment7.net
This implementation is HODEL-HASH-9600 compliant


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