[ANN] live-console

Pleased to announce the release of live-console

what is live console?

[from the README, which I didn’t write]

LiveConsole is a library for providing IRB over a TCP connection or a
Domain Socket. If you add it to your application, you can run arbitrary
against your application.
For example, you can:

  • Inspect the state of a running application
  • Change the state of the application
  • Patch code on the fly, without a restart.
  • Let anyone on the net 0wn you if you bind to a public interface. :slight_smile:
    It’s useful as a diagnostic tool, a debugging tool, and a way to impress
    friends or get those Lisp guys off your back. You know the ones I mean.


  • now windows compatible
  • now 1.9 compatible
  • now works even if you’re not connecting to another process already
    running irb.

Many thanks to the original author, as this is just a fork with some
fixes of the original [http://github.com/pete/live-console/tree/master]
[and yes, I have submitted my patches upstream].

gem sources -a http://gems.github.com
sudo gem install rogerdpack-live_console

Feedback welcome.


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