[ANN] Launching ThinkoSphere, an accelerator of democracy


After 1.5 years of development in hobby time, I am pleased to announce
that the alpha version of ThinkoSphere.com is publicly launched!
I started this project knowing nothing to web dev. I tried first PHP but
I almost gave up. Then I discovered RoR which was really what I was
looking for: a language scaling from beginner level to web expert.
Clearly I could not have done much without RoR and without the help from
the Rails community right here on this mailing list. So many thanks to

What is ThinkoSphere?
ThinkoSphere is a new experiment that publicly aims at
implementing more Control Systems Philosophy into the democracy. That
means I want to give each of you more power in:

* Giving your opinion
* Knowing the opinion of others
* Analyzing thoroughly this data
* Reacting accordingly to the results of a poll or vote

The Control Systems philosophy is pretty straightforward: you sense, you
think, you act. This process is scale independent: it is the same that
drives your personnality. It is also the same process that drives the
society. So let us make it more transparent.

What is the current state of ThinkoSphere?
Currently, ThinkoSphere might look like a classical polling website.
However, ThinkoSphere has 2 great features that are innovative, fun and
very useful:

* The time tracking of a poll
* The possibility to make the pivot table of 2 polls

It means that, among the “sense, think, act” parts, the sense and think
parts are currently the most developed ones.
To be precise, you can:

* Create a poll
* Answer it (once a day, to update your opinion)
* Analyze the total results
* Analyze the evolution
* Analyze the evolution of your own answer
* Make a pivot table of two polls. Very useful to look into the


What comes next?
Plenty of things: widgets, API, internationalization (i18n),
localization (l10n)… But for now, it is time to test in the real word
what has already been done. So, what do you think about this project?
You are very welcome to leave your comments here or on the blog. I am
specifically appreciating negative feedback so that I can improve. It is
all about control isn’t it?. Moreover, if there are features you want to
see added, leave a suggestion on the blog or create a poll on the site.

This announcement can be read here with all the links: