[ANN] js-developer plugin

Javascript Developer Plugin

This plugin makes it easy to do TDD and/or BDD Javascript development.
are generators to facilitate building Javascript tests and applications,
along with
Rake tasks for easily running these tests in a browser of your choice.

Many thanks to the javascript_test plugin. If you want
then please go use this plugin. I’ve taken it and converted to use

== Generators ==

  • js_class / js_file

    create public/javascripts/
    create test/javascripts/unit/
    create public/javascripts/[classname].js
    create test/javascripts/unit/[classname]_test.html

These generators accept relative paths as well as plain class names, so

script/generate js_class my_js_app/my_class

will produce:

create  public/javascripts/
create  test/javascripts/unit/my_js_app
create  public/javascripts/my_js_app/my_class.js
create  test/javascripts/unit/my_js_app/my_class_test.html

There’s only a slight difference from js_class and js_file: js_class
you an
Object template, while js_file gives you an empty .js file.

== Rake tasks ==

rake test:javascripts - Runs all javascript tests

This task takes a couple of command-line arguments:

  • KEEP_ALIVE=true will keep the test server up for current development

  • BROWSER=[browser name] lets you select which browser to run the tests

    • firefox
    • safari
    • ie
    • konqueror

    default is firefox

On Nov 13, 2007 9:38 PM, Jason R. [email protected] wrote:

create test/javascripts/unit/[classname]_test.html
create test/javascripts/unit/my_js_app/my_class_test.html

Of course, I forget a very important piece of information:

How to Install:

script/plugin install svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/js-developer

Project Homepage: