[ANN] JRubyArt (bleeding edge ruby-processing)

I have created a clean fork of ruby-processing as a development branch
of ruby-processing. The idea is that you install the latest version of
vanilla processing on your machine (this could even be the latest
development version of processing from github). You then clone and
install JRubyArt https://github.com/monkstone/JRubyArt, and then use the
“install_jruby_dev” command to install the the latest version of
jruby-complete-9000. Currently building and testing with jruby-1.7.9 and
jdk-1.8.0-ea-b118. Probably not for Mac users, but I will be pleased to
be proved wrong. In hommage to JRuby (Dr Who take your pick) executable
is k9, so there is no conflict with existing ruby-processing.

Latest news, now includes experimental support for pry, checkout the pry
branch https://github.com/monkstone/JRubyArt/tree/pry, requires an
installed jruby (does not use jruby-complete).