[ANN] JRuby-Rack 1.1.14 serving!

Greeting all JRuby & Servlet webelopers,

JRuby-Rack 1.1.14 has been released lately, there were no plans to
another 1.1.x but 1.2 is still ahead of us (with a lot of work) so a
release comes handy bringing JRuby-Rack up-to-date esp. since it’s been
while bugs got fixed.

The 1.1 happens now on

… master (towards 1.2.0) might get quite refactored in terms of repo

Our latest release provides Rack 1.5 / Rails 4.x compatibility for the
servlet session store.
We’d also make sure 1.1 still runs fine on Java 6 and JRuby 1.6.x. Also
worth noting is that we should better detect “less-common” HTTP method
processing such as OPTIONS and not consider default container responses
from those as unhandled. Our (configurable) jruby.rack.error.app has
been fixed and improved - when you’re running pooled and run out of
runtimes (waiting longer than acquire timeout) it serves a 503.html or
500.html assuming you have one in your /public root.

More details on release notes are at

Happy serving … make those JavaEE (servlet) containers spin some JRuby

Yours, JR.

Happy serving … make those JavaEE (servlet) containers spin some JRuby
:slight_smile: !

This reminds me…

I was watching a screencast where the presenter said something like
doesn’t like being in a war file, you have to run it from the
Can anybody who has experience with deploying rails apps into a
container share their experience with me? Happy to chat offline if
are not interested.


Hey Tim, I recommend you try out JRuby-Rack + Warbler yourself instead
listening to advise from a “fare-well” time of what you had to do … :slight_smile:

Even if someone shared their experience things might be a bit different
depending on the container (version) / rails-version / jruby-version.
That being said, we’ve been around for long enough to work decently (+
your container allows to configure .war expansion be sure to keep it
enabled and Rails will break FREE).

Happy warbling - deploying, K.