[ANN] jruby-maven-plugins, ruby-maven, rails-resty-gwt


since these three project depends on each other from left to right it
makes sense to announce them in one go :wink:


version 0.28.5

the biggest change is that it got a new home on github within the
torquebox,org project
source: GitHub - torquebox/jruby-maven-plugins: maven plugin to handle rubygems in a maven way. including support for rspec, rails, cucumber, rake, etc
issues: Issues 路 torquebox/jruby-maven-plugins 路 GitHub



which uses maven-3.0.0 and jruby-maven-plugins-0.28.5 and is basically
a ruby command line frontend for maven and the jruby-maven-plugins

  • allows to use gemspec or Gemfile as maven DSL
  • pack war of a rails application or run it with jetty-run, etc
  • works either with MRI+Java or with JRuby
  • $ rmvn bundle install # installs the gems and binstubs in
    ./target/bin which add the classpath info to them 鈥


version 0.7.0

this is just rails generator which helps to setup a rails application
with a gwt frontend. the glue between Java and MRI is JRUBY and the
glue between GWT and rails is ruby-maven on the build tool side and
resty-gwt on the application which offers a JSON transport layer to
GWT. even though java is needed for development with GWT you can run
the server with MRI in the end. so the biggest thanks goes to the
JRuby team without them this project would not be possible a such.

a work through to get a scaffolded application you can find here:

the whole thing is still in development and API on the GWT part might
change though it is already quite stable. any feedback is welcome.