[ANN] jruby-maven-plugins released


happy to announce a new release of jruby-maven-plugins-0.29.1

  • fixes an issue with jruby-1.7.0.preview2 which broke all the test
    plugins (minitest-maven-plugin, runit-maven-plugin, rspec-maven-plugn,
  • some regression on rspec-maven-plugin with latest rspec version
  • obey flag to us e system gems instead of the usual per project gems


  • due to a bug in the gem-proxy (a maven repo delivering gem
    artifacts) the repo on http://rubygems-proxy.torquebox.org/ produced
    pom.xml with reference to an old jruby-maven-plugin SNAPSHOT. these
    snapshots can disappear any time in future and break your build.

please delete all the gem artifacts llke this
$ rm -r ~/.m2/repositories/rubygems

sorry for the inconvenience and let maven download the internet once
more (we all had this in the past, haven’t we ?)

the new gem artifacts also implement the proposal on how to declare
jar dependencies within gems: