[ANN] jruby-maven-plugins, jbundler, jar-depenencies, ruby-maven, etc

jruby-maven-plugins version 1.0.4

after a long time it reached 1.0.0 and got some more bug fixes already.

with those plugin you can run jruby with gem-artifacts, run tests
minitest, rspec, cucumber) using those gems or pack them as embeded gems
into jar or war files

gem artifacts are offered by http://rubygems-proxy.torquebox.org/

some info can be found on jruby-wiki

all those pages use a Ruby-DSL for Maven


basically a regular maven-3.1.1 installation with an extra thin wrapper
which “translates” a ruby file into a pom.xml

it comes with some “extras” feature to use a Gemfile, Jarfile or
gemspec-file as part of the POM. as well it leverages the

it also allows to execute code during a declared phase, i.e. like
maven plugins written in ruby.


if you need Gem-Artifacts from your local rubygems repository you can

to proxy gem repository and deliver gem-artifacts.

for a more advanced solution use sonatype.org/nexus with
GitHub - sonatype/nexus-ruby-support

rubygems-servlets uses the same core as this nexus-plugin.

JBundler 0.6.1

manage your jars for your ruby project with jbundler

  • it uses ruby-maven now to lock down the version for the jars
  • allows exclusions on jars (maven feature)
  • uses jar-dependencies to “track and load” jars

the 0.6.x might break some existing project. in such a case please use
$ jbundle lock_down
instead of install and open an issue:

Jar-Dependencies 0.0.5

  • during runtime it tracks the version of loaded jars - if
    is used to load it
  • it can “vendor” the jars declared as “jar dependency” inside the
    file before packing them
  • it can “vendor” the jars when you install the gem

see on how you can manage your jars with jbundler (and

Clueing Things Together

putting the Gemfile, Jarfile and some common maven-plugins, the
jruby-maven-plugins together. with the help of ruby-maven you can easily


Thanks for all your work Christian!


Thanks for all your work Christian!