[ANN] jruby-mapdb 0.9.5 gem released


I just released this gem allowing jrubyists to use in a fairly
way MapDB 0.9.5 (jar is included in the gem).

MapDB is a fast key-value store java library. This gem serves as a
(object key-value mapper) promoting the use of MapDB trees as if they
ruby hashes.

You can find it at 2 locations if you’re a jruby user:



I get the following error when I attempt to run the examples provided at

NameError: cannot load Java class org.mapdb.DBMaker
const_missing' /Users/charles/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.7.4/gems/jruby-mapdb-0.9.5-java/lib/jruby/mapdb.rb:52:ininitialize’
test_basic_insert' (eval):12:inrun’
start_mediator' /Applications/RubyMine EAP.app/rb/testing/patch/testunit/test/unit/ui/teamcity/testrunner.rb:81:instart’

I do have the require in place. I have not set an import of the Java
class but I would hope we would not need to do so…


Charles M.
[email protected]

I have not yet tested it on linux or with rvm, but including gem
‘jruby-mapdb’ in your Gemfile and letting bundler do the magic for you
should solve your problem.

If you include it by hand, add the lib from the gem in one of the
directories from your load path.

I already included the java requires.