[ANN} JRuby Hackfest Berlin on February 2

Hello fellow Rubyists,

the eurucamp team, along with the Ruby Berlin e.V. will run a series of
Hackfests in Berlin this year. Each of these days will have a focus[1].
The first one will be “Improving JRuby”.

JRuby is one of the most important projects and arguably most polished
in the Ruby world, but notoriously low on committers, especially when it
comes to JRuby-only libraries and documentation. This day tries to get
experienced JRuby developers and beginners together in one room to give
back to the JRuby team.

Please attend if you are:

  • Willing to give back to one of the hardest working teams in the Ruby
    community, but never go around to
  • Generally interested in hacking and showing what the Berlin Ruby
    community is capable of
  • Experienced with JRuby and able to assist newbies to pick up
    JRuby-specific topics
  • A gem author that struggles with incompatibilty issues
  • bitten by JRuby from time to time

The details of the first hackday are:

Date: February 2
Co-up Coworking Space (3rd Floor)
Adalbertstrae 7-8

Exact times will be posted on the event page next week.

If you are on interested, please register here for me to gauge interest:


Otherwise, just feel free to send me an email for questions or follow
our twitter accounts:


If you are interested in helping out in some way, feel free to write me
as well.

Should anyone be interested in sponsoring the day with some drinks and
pizza, please get in touch as well. This can possibly be handled as
donation to the Ruby Berlin e.V.

Florian G. and the eurucamp team

[1]: Reruns are possible.