[ANN] JRuby 1.7.2 Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.7.2

Homepage: http://www.jruby.org/
Download: http://www.jruby.org/download

JRuby 1.7.2 is our second update release since JRuby 1.7.0. The
primary goal of 1.7 point releases is to fill out any missing
compatibility issues with Ruby 1.9.3. The feedback we have gotten
(along with patches) has ended up being a substantial release.

Changes of note:

  • Reworked openssl ext to allow updating from gem
  • Improved performance of constants and global variables
  • Improved performance of Java arrays accessed from Ruby
  • Many miscellaneous 1.9 compatibility fixes
  • 32 issues fixed for 1.7.2

Jira Issues resolved for 1.7.2

JRUBY-6973 - Release jruby-openssl-0.8.0 gem
JRUBY-7039 - net/protocol in Ruby 1.8 mode loads Ruby 1.9 version of 

JRUBY-6951 - Unable to encrypt data and then decrypt it in MRI Ruby
JRUBY-7017 - OpenSSL::HMAC transcodes data to iso-8895-1 before
JRUBY-7018 - sha1 library file, SHA1 top level class, and sha1
class method missing in Ruby 1.8 mode
JRUBY-7032 - Time#strftime %3N doesn’t limit sub-seconds to 3 digits
JRUBY-7029 - add_parameter_annotation broken
JRUBY-7037 - Files containing literal ‘[’ or ‘]’ will not be
required from LOAD_PATH
JRUBY-6953 - --ng-server fails if you have JRUBY_OPTS set
JRUBY-7046 - unable to copy files > 2GB
JRUBY-7043 - Test failures, again.
JRUBY-7016 - There’s a “t” missing in the output from --profile.json

Github Issues resolved for 1.7.2

#473 - File.truncate should not move write pointer
#467 - glib2 doesn't compile under jruby 1.9.7
#452 - Implement loaded feature caching to reduce load path 

#447 - Javadocs mangles some HTML in org.jruby.util.Pack
#445 - Requiring an empty string causes AIOOB with RubyGems active
#441 - jruby-7029: fix add_parameter_annotation, it was untested and
#440 - Constant lookup falls off top scope in new compiler scoping
#439 - String#upcase and downcase fail for multibyte characters
#436 - Fix Readline.get_screen_size before Readline.readline
#434 - Update psych to tenderlove/psych@d5757ea
#433 - strftime does not implement %-flag in 1.8 mode.
#431 - Include runtime version in site dir
#429 - Setup .gitattributes for eol normalization
#428 - Directed graph library specs
#427 - Don’t override default_exec_format method for rubygems
#426 - Trie impl is slower on JRuby than other Rubies
#425 - Fixed implicitly creating a vertex if it is absent while
removing a edge or vertex
#360 - Non-ASCII character escape sequence in string_content
results in SyntaxError
#215 - 10 argument variant of Time.local mishandles timezone.
#174 - [JRUBY-6668] StringScanner#scan_until spins forever on UTF-8

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