[ANN] Join us for Vancouver's 1st RubyCamp @ WorkSpace on January 26th, 2008

Hello Railers and Rubyists,

You are invited to RubyCamp 2008 in Vancouver on Saturday, January

RubyCamp is an one-day gathering for Rubyists and Railers.

When and Where:

WorkSpace in downtown Vancouver, B.C., Canada
January 26th, 2008 from 9:00 to 5:00

Who Should Come:

Anyone who’s interested in Ruby and Rails, whether you’re just
interested in learning what this Ruby thing is all about or you know
Ruby inside out.

The Conference Track:

A conference-style track with “classic” talks on Ruby or Rails topics.
We’re looking for a few more speakers, so see
#talks if you’re interested in
giving a talk.

The Hackathon Track:

An informal un-conference track focusing on hacking some Ruby code,
showing off a cool feature you just added to your Rails application or
demonstrating a new addition to Rails 2.0. If you’re interested in
working on some code or showing off something, get started by
promoting your ideas and getting some buzz going:
http://rubycamp.wordpress.com/about/#hackathon .

A Weekend of Ruby:

There are two more reasons to come to Vancouver for those of you who
are out of town.

On the Friday before RubyCamp, Rails Advance is giving a one day
intermediate Ruby and Rails workshop (incl. Facebook and Mobile Web)

On the Sunday after RubyCamp, Peter A. is giving a one day
workshop on using Flex and Rails (http://www.flexiblerails.com/

About Vancouver:

Vancouver is located in Beautiful British Columbia on Canada’s Pacific
West Coast. While you’re in the 2010 Winter Olympics City take
advantage of the great snowboarding and skiing in nearby Whistler/
Blackcomp or Cypress Mountain.

For more information, see http://rubycamp.wordpress.com

See you all at RubyCamp in Vancouver.


RailsAdvance Workshops - http://railsadvance.com
Gerald B.'s Blog - http://geraldbauer.wordpress.com