[ANN] IronRuby 1.0 RC3

The IronRuby team is pleased to announce version 1.0 RC3!


Direct download link:

This release is also accompanied by a preview build
compatible with .NET 4.0 RC:

As IronRuby approaches the final 1.0, these RCs will
contain crucial bug fixes and enhancements that IronRuby
requires to be a fast and compatible 1.0. Now that IronRuby
is in the release-candidate stage, your feedback is even
more important. Please use these new binaries as much as
you can and report any issues you find here:

Note: The actual version of the assemblies is 0.9.5.

== Contributors

casualjim, eoinomeara, ghouston jimmysch, jredville, jwthornpson2,
KAZUu, kralor, niclasnilsson, nikosd, rifraf, sborde, thbar,
TomasMatousek, turp, vaderpi, vertiginous, xport

Thank you all!

Jim and the IronRuby Team
IronRuby SDET

Hi all,

All of the bash scripts have dos line endings (/r/n) which fail out of
the box on OSX. I know I can convert them, but is anyone looking at
making those just work?


Jim D. wrote:

== Contributors

Ironruby-core mailing list
[email protected]

Cory F.

yes… you have to give me 1 day after the ironruby team releases
because I"m usually asleep

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