[ANN] Introductory Rails Seminar in San Francisco

My colleague Christopher Haupt and I are going to be presenting a two-
day introductory seminar on Ruby on Rails in San Francisco, April
29-30. We’ve been producing the Learning Rails podcast for a few
months now, and we presented a seminar in San Francisco in February.
We’ve tuned up our courseware based on all the feedback from this
work, and I think we’ll have a very effective presentation for folks
who are new to Rails.

We’ve partnered with Joyent to provide trial hosting for everyone, and
we’re providing a sample app under an open-source license, so everyone
will leave the seminar with a live, deployed app. Our goal is to get
people over those hurdles that can take days or weeks if you’re
learning all this on your own.

If you’re early in your Rails education, or if you know people who are
wanting to learn Rails, check it out:


The early registration discount ends today, but if you need a couple
more days email me at michael (at) buildingwebapps.com and I’ll extend
it for you.

Michael S.
A Resource for Web Application Developers