[ANN] Inochi 5.1.0


                Gives life to Ruby projects


Inochi is an infrastructure that helps you create, test,
document, package, publish, and announce your [Ruby]

Version 5.1.0 (2010-08-14)

This release uses [1][Pygments] for syntax highlighting, adds
icons to admonitions, speeds up the pub:web task, and further
refines the HTML version of your project’s help manual.

New features

 * Use admonition icons that are installed with AsciiDoc.

 * Use Pygments for syntax coloring in AsciiDoc 8.5.4.

Bug fixes

 * Only build what will be uploaded in pub:web task.

 * Do not display table of contents in print preview mode.

 * Increase body max-width to 50em to show 80 characters.

 * Update DOM selectors for AsciiDoc 8.5.4 in ann tasks.


 * Get straight to the point when stating project purpose.


  1. http://pygments.org/