[ANN] Inochi 4.0.0


                Gives life to Ruby projects


Inochi is an infrastructure for Ruby projects that helps you
test, document, package, publish, and announce your projects.
It encourages great documentation and reduces project

Version 4.0.0 (2010-07-25)

Incompatible changes:

 * Rename the "VERSIONS" section in the HISTORY file to

Changes you will see in upgraded or newly generated projects:

 * Rename the "FURTHER" file to "BEYOND".

 * Rename test/test_helper.rb to just test/helper.rb.

 * Store resource URLs in variables in MANUAL for reuse.

 * Provide more precise link to ruby-wrapper tool in

New features:

 * Ensure that project version matches release notes before
   building a gem. This helps to prevent the problem where
   you sometimes forget to update both the release notes and
   the project information file simultaneously.

 * Display announcement message to user (and make them
   confirm it) before publishing to ruby-talk. This helps to
   prevent you from appearing inept and having to apologize
   later for your publishing blunders.

 * Add -d (to enable $DEBUG) and -v (to enable $VERBOSE)
   command-line options to the generated test/runner script.

Bug fixes:

 * Various compatibility fixes for Ruby 1.9.2-rc2.

 * Prefix test/runner command with "ruby" for Windows users.

 * Ember::WEBSITE was always being emitted in README.


 * Add version constraints for YARD and Mechanize

 * Upgrade from Dfect 1.1.0 to Detest 3.1.0 for unit

 * Upgrade to Ronn 0.7.0 for generating this user manual.