[ANN] Inochi 3.0.0


                Gives life to Ruby projects


Inochi is an infrastructure for Ruby projects that helps you
test, document, package, publish, and announce your projects.
It encourages great documentation and reduces project

Version 3.0.0 (2010-04-27)

Incompatible changes:

 * The require() class method is no longer emitted on your
   project's namespace. Instead, gem version constraints are
   established up front when your project's Ruby library is
   first loaded.

 * Author names are now fetched from the AUTHORS section,
   not CREDITS.

 * Project information is now placed in the NAME section,
   not ABOUT.

Bug fixes:

 * Reflect current Inochi version in gem constraint.

 * Forgot to list [1]Ember as a runtime gem dependency.


 * Move all task documentation into new TASKS section.

 * Move TASKS & PROJECTS information into separate files.


  1. ember(1)