[ANN] Inochi 1.1.0

                       Inochi 1.1.0

           Gives life to RubyGems-based software


Inochi is an infrastructure for [1]RubyGems-based software
that encourages good documentation, reduces programming
effort, and automates common tasks.

Version 1.1.0 (2009-09-06)

This release improves the user manual and scaffold generator
output, injects more metadata into gems, adds support for
Microsoft web browsers, and fixes some bugs.

 * [2]New features

 * [3]Bug fixes

 * [4]Housekeeping

New features

 * Add [5]instructions for building gems without Inochi as a
   runtime dependency.

 * Put release notes in "description" field of gemspec, as
   [6]suggested by Eric H., so that subscribers of [7]the
   RubyForge gems feed are aware of the changes in a
   published gem.

 * Set the "date" field in gemspec to project release date.

 * Change file extension of generated user manuals from
   .xhtml to .html to accomodate Microsoft web browsers'
   inability to process the application/xhtml+xml mime type.

Bug fixes

 * The sdoc library was necessary to run `rake test'.

 * Forgot to add :develop option to scaffold generator

 * Make "rake lang:dump" unconditionally overwrite the dump

 * Fix gem not being built and prevent Maruku errors for the
   dummy "WordCount" project in the user manual.

 * Use /usr/bin/env instead of /usr/bin/ruby to launch Ruby
   for better portability.


 * Use simpler Copyright reminder at the top of every file.

 * Open source is for fun, so [8]be nice: speak of "related
   works" instead of "competitors".

 * Rename "Tutorial" to "General walkthrough" in user manual
   and add a "Specific topics" section for housing uncommon
   use cases.

 * Remove "logistics" section and redistribute its contents
   in more suitable locations in the user manual.


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6. http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/190220#830072
7. http://gems.rubyforge.org/index.rss

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