[ANN] Inochi 1.0.0

                       Inochi 1.0.0

           Gives life to RubyGems-based software


Inochi is an infrastructure for [1]RubyGems-based software
projects that encourages good documentation and reduces
programming effort by automating common tasks.

Version 1.0.0 (2009-05-03)

This release allows your gems to not depend on Inochi, lets
you choose which unit testing library to use, adds new
utility libraries and rake tasks, and fixes some bugs.

Incompatible changes

 * Your program is no longer halted by Inochi.init() and
   Inochi.rake() if gem dependencies are not satified. A
   warning is issued instead.

 * The project_summary and project_history nodes, which are
   provided by Inochi.book() to the user manual, have been
   renamed to project and "history" respectively.

 * ERBook 7.0.0 is now used for generating the user manual.
   This is a major step up from the previous version, and so
   it has incompatible changes. See its release notes for

 * [2]SDoc is now used to generate API documentation instead
   of [3]YARD. If you link to particular classes or methods
   in the generated API documentation, be sure to update
   your link addresses!

 * Minitest is no longer the default testing library. You
   must specify which testing library you want to use via
   the :test_with option of the Inochi.rake() method. See
   [4]Test execution for details.

 * The "pak" rake task, which is provided by Inochi.rake(),
   has been renamed to "gem".

New features

 * Add :inochi_consumer and :inochi_producer options to
   Inochi.rake() which allows you to avoid having Inochi as
   a runtime and development dependency, respectively, for
   your project's gem.
   This is useful if you just want to use Inochi facilities
   for building a gem for a pure Ruby library that does not
   have any need for Inochi's runtime convenience

 * Add :develop option for Inochi.init() which lets you
   specify RubyGems as development dependencies in the same
   way as the :require option.

 * Add "lint" rake task which reports [5]code quality

 * Add "test:cov" rake task which reports code coverage

 * Add "test:ruby" task which runs all tests with

 * Add `rake opts=' environment variable, which lets you
   specify command-line arguments directly to the Ruby
   interpreter, for all test* rake tasks.

 * Add inochi/util/combo combinatorics library for
   enumerations, permutations, and combinations which are
   all useful in exhaustive brute-force unit testing.

 * Add inochi/util/tempdir library which really should be in
   the Ruby standard library.

Bug fixes

 * The "enable email notification" checkbox was not
   activated properly when posting announcement to ruby-talk
   mailing list via Ruby-Forum.

 * Mark gems needed by Inochi.rake() as development
   A user would now have to install Inochi using

gem install --development
to install all these gems. This also solves the recursive
dependency problem between Inochi and ERBook.

 * Set executable in gem specification only if it exists.

 * Fix parsing of stack trace in Ruby 1.9.


 * Write contributor names in CREDITS file instead of in the
   user manual.

 * Use completely lowercase name for Rakefile.

 * Add copyright statement at the top of every source file.


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  2. http://github.com/voloko/sdoc/tree/master
  3. http://yard.rubyforge.org/
  4. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/inochi/#Test-execution
  5. http://www.infoq.com/news/2008/11/static-analysis-tool-roundup
  6. http://www.infoq.com/news/2008/02/multiruby-testing

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